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poetry lesson plan: the book of you

Objective: Students will be learn some concrete journaling skill and habits. We talk about the value of journaling over time, and introduce the idea that a piece of art may start off its life as a journal entry.

--We start by talking about material-- what things are made of. Paintings are made of paint and canvas, donuts are made of jelly and dough, and so on
--We read some poems from a book and talk about the paper, the binding, and the ink-- the stuff it is made of
--Then we talk about the real thing that poems are made of-- words.
--We show them a brown paper bag containing strips of words cut from magazines, newspapers, and discarded books
--We dump out the strips unceremoniously on a table and ask each child to pick out a strip in succession
--We write the poem on the board as we go along
As usual, we copyright the poem at the end and talk about the fact that we made a new piece of art from stuff that already existed

Copyright 2004 Daniel X. O'Neil - All Rights Reserved