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poetry lesson plan: background

Objective: Students will learn about the foundations of poetry read out loud in front of audience. At this level, the focus is on just "getting it out" and encouraging students to get up in front of the class.

--We start by making sure that the kids know they will not be forced to read in front of the class-- remove fear and encourage joy
--The kids come up with a poem-- they may already have one, or they write it on the spot
--Again, the focus is not really on the text/ meaning of the poems, as long as they have something to share
--I start off by reading one of my poems. Make it a dramatic one that makes them laugh and has lots of rising/ descending, voices, and so on
--Discuss the different elements of the poem that made it good to read out loud
--Kids are called up in order to read their poems. This makes certain that the more outgoing kids don't dominate the session and everyone gets a turn in due course
Kids who don't want to read their poem don't have to. I will read them out loud for them, and point out the good parts as I go along.

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