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q&a session from niles west high school computer class, march 2003

Here's some questions that kids posed and the draft answers which lead to alot of discussion.

I would like to know what has been the biggest advance in technology so far. I would also like to know who came up with it and when it was invented. I would just like to learn about technology overall because I don't really know a lot about it.

I don’t know about the biggest, but I can tell you about the technology advance that I was most stunned to hear about. Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web—the entire concept of www—from scratch. He did it in the early 90s in Europe. It is a great history to read about & makes you feel that anything is possible.
Tim Berners-Lee
History of the World Wide Web

I would look for things I could use to recover lost information. I would also like to see programs that remember or can my passwords. What kind of classes did you take in collage and where did you go to collage. Those would be things I look for and ask the Guest speaker.

There are lots of utilities that help you recover lost information.
Here’s a sample from
More interesting (to me, anyway) is the whole new field of work—Computer Forensics—devoted to the subject.

The stuff I would like to learn from technology would be about how to use learn flash and how to do some animation. Also I would like to get to learn how to make simple programs. I would also like to learn html to help me build a website with background colors, fonts, and many other fun stuff like that. Last of all I would probably like to learn about. Learning how to make banners or pictures or even more complex word art.

Everything you need to learn this stuff is available for free on the internet.
Here are some resources:

I would like to know more about computer games. I would also like to know more about online gaming. I also think that knowing whether or not Al Gore really invented the internet is true.

Online gaming is a growing field.
The ability to compete against people on the internet is a huge feature that more and more companies are leveraging.
I don’t know a world of things about this area, but I know that the Illinois Institute of Art offers a degree in computer gaming:

I would like to learn how all the information was put onto the website. How servers work, for DSL, CABLE...etc... How computers came being so large, to so compact. How CD burners work. E.G. How does the CD burner put whatever you want to urn onto the CD?. What new things are gonna come out in the following years. and. What type of crs are gonna be here in the futire. E.g. Electric cars, power cars...etc...

Here’s how servers work:
Here’s how DSL works:
Here’s how cable modems work:
Here’s how CD burners work:
Here’s how computers came being so large, to so compact:
For the future:
More wireless communities like this:
I would like to know more about the computer technology in cars such as gps.
Here’s info on GPS:

I would like to know how technology works, why it is so complicated, what is in the future for technology, how it will effect our lives, and how can i get involved. I would like to know anything really.

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